Blog #1- “My Mother Will Do It”


Welcome to my website,, and the first edition of my blog, Servin’ Soul Food.

In 1992, I moved to Cleveland, Ohio to work as a TV News Anchor/Reporter for WEWS TV-5, the ABC affiliate station. One of the first stories I covered for the 6:00 news was on a local woman named Yvonne Pointer who started an organization called, “Parents of Murdered Children”.

On December 6, 1984, Yvonne’s 14-year old daughter Gloria was kidnapped, raped and murdered as she walked to her middle school. Eight years after Gloria’s death, Yvonne organized the parent support group to give information, guidance and hope to other parents who lost children to violent crimes. During my interview, I learned Yvonne was also on a crusade to make communities safer for children so that Gloria’s death wouldn’t be in vain. She later told me, “Gloria always volunteered me for whatever needed to be done when she was alive. If she were here now, she would say, somebody needs to keep children safe, mommy will do it.”

Yvonne’s work as a child advocate eventually put her in the local, state and national spotlight. Then, through a divine miracle, almost 20 years after Gloria’s murder, her story reached a boy in Ghana, West Africa named Anthony Tay who needed help. Now hundreds of children in Africa are being saved from rape, HIV/Aids and poverty through a teen movement that bears Gloria Pointer’s name. Again, Yvonne recalled her daughter, “Somebody needs to help children in Africa, mommy will do it.”

Through the years, Yvonne and I stayed in touch and we became friends. Her strength, faith and determination to turn Gloria’s murder into something good inspired me. I wanted to regularly share inspirational stories of hope like Yvonne’s and other people who survived the unthinkable to achieve the unimaginable! That’s how was born. But completing her story and launching my website was delayed for a long period of time through a series of unexplainable events. Then at the start of 2013, as we discussed the year ahead, Yvonne told me, “Now is the time, now is the time.” She didn’t say or explain more than that. And just a few months later, her words proved prophetic.

On May 14, 2013, nearly 30 years after Gloria Pointer was murdered, a man named Hernandez Warren was arrested and charged with aggravated murder in her death. Rape kits that sat in police storage for years were finally sent to the state crime lab for DNA testing and Warren was linked to the crime. He pleaded not guilty and remains behind bars on $5 million dollars bond waiting for his trial.

Now, it’s clear I had to wait for God’s timing for Yvonne’s story to be told, and it wasn’t time until a suspect in her daughter’s murder was in custody to face justice. 21 years after my first news report on Yvonne Pointer, I’m honored and humbled to tell her story again. This time, Yvonne Pointer: “Mommy Will Do It”, is the first story to officially launch my website, You’ll find her story on the Home page. You’ll also find an extended interview, in her own words, on this blog. I pray her story inspires hope in your life, and will nourish your mind, heart and soul!

25 year Essence Magazine columnist Dr. Gwendolyn Goldsby-Grant (3rd from right) said our homework assignment was to “activate hope” at Yvonne Pointer’s (3rd from left) “Celebration of Hope” Afternoon of Healing event. That’s what my new website, is all about. I was honored the story I produced Yvonne Pointer: “My Mother Will Do It” was shown at the event.

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